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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Planting Sunflowers

Jonathan and Nestor picking their seeds.
Bryce and Vanessa pushing their seeds into the soil.
Watering with spray bottle
Natalie and Ivone waiting to water their seeds.
Fabian, Mikkie, and Jayden observing their seeds.
We planted sunflower seeds recently. I harvested the seeds from my garden last summer and supplied all of kindergarten with seeds to plant. We used clear plastic cups, garden soil, mammoth sunflower seeds and spray bottles of plain water. My kinders had a great time being gardeners. The planting process was new to most of them. I was pleasantly surprised when the seedlings came up so quickly (over the weekend) and beautifully. Every single child had at least one seedling. Many had three or four (They were supposed to plant two seeds). My students were better than me at remembering to water our sunflower everyday. They even took turns carrying them outside to get some sun each day. I had to send our plants home ten days later because they were getting too tall and our cups were beginning to tip over.

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