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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dr.Seuss Tribute

Our Seuss fish in the office
In March, we read lots of Dr Seuss books. One of our favorites is One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. We did a directed drawing of a Dr. Seuss fish. I found this lesson on Deep Space Sparkle. Some students drew a swimming fish. Others drew a standing fish. Then we used fine tip sharpies to trace our pencil drawings and erased the pencil lines. Next we painted our fish with watercolors. When they were dry, we cut the fish out and glued them to red or blue construction paper. Finally we wrote about our fish. "My little fish said, '_________'." We were learning the words 'little' and 'said' that week. We cut the words apart and glued them back in order on our artwork.
My little fish said, "Kiss me and hug me and eat".
My little fish said, "I want a cookie".

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