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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Baby, Baby, Who Could You Be?

Ja'lilah's portrait
We made the cutest big book, Baby, Baby, Who Could You Be? I asked parents to send in a baby picture of their child. My husband scanned the photos (which were all different sizes) and I printed them out as 4"× 6"s. Then I returned the original photos to the parents. We did an interactive writing of the question "Baby, Baby, Who Could You Be?" I photocopied the interactive writing for each child. On a piece of construction paper I glued a student's baby picture in the middle and the interactive writing "Baby, baby, who could you be?" around the photo. Then the class made self portraits. I found this portrait idea on Deep Space Sparkle. We traced circles or ovals for our heads, drew our necks, and ears. Next we painted our portraits with tempera paint in skin tones. When they dried we used crayons to add our eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, lashes, and hair. The portraits were glued to the back side of the construction paper with the student's baby picture along with the student's writing "I am -------. That's me!" and a recent photo. I added the student's name cut from scraps of painted paper along the side of the page. For students who didn't bring baby pictures (my partner had a few), I did a directed drawing of a baby and glued it in place of a baby picture. We laminated the pages, assembled them into a book and it's a very popular read in our room.
Front: Ivonne's baby picture
Back: Ivonne's portrait
Fabian's baby picture
Fabian's portrait

Directed drawing of baby

Omar's portrait before laminating

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