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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tissue Paper Butterflies

Using liquid starch, we glued multicolored 2" tissue paper squares onto wax paper, covering it entirely. Students used one finger to hold down a corner of the tissue square making it is easier to keep it in place and straight while they brushed the liquid starch over it. The tissue should be completely wet but not dripping. Try not to let puddles of starch form. It really lengthens the drying time. I have the children place each square so that it overlaps the previous ones. It is important not to leave any holes if you intend to remove the wax paper later. When it dried, we used white glue and glued a butterfly outline (precut by me for my kindergarteners) onto the tissue paper side of the collage. The following day, we trimmed the excess paper from around the butterfly. Finally, if desired, the wax paper can be carefully pulled off of the back of the butterfly giving it a stained glass look. With kinders, I do this part myself. This last step isn't essential. They look beautiful with the wax paper left on too. We hung them in the window for open house.

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