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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Projects

I found this project on Mrs. Picasso's Artroom and loved it. I wish I had had the time to do it justice. I had to change it a little to fit my needs - a mother's day gift with little time. First I squirted three colors of paint into a pie tin making a simple design. Don't mix the paint. Next the kids put one hand into the pie tin, covering the palm and fingers with paint. Then they tapped their hands together gently, transferring the paint to the other hand but not mixing it. They made handprints in the shape of a butterfly onto white cardstock. After making the two butterfly handprints, the kids rubbed their hands together mixing the paint. And made one more print for the flower. Using the side of their fist dipped in red paint, a ladybug print was made. Hands were washed and while we waited for the paint to dry, we worked on the background. We tore green paper for the grass and glued it to a piece of 12" × 18" blue construction paper. Then created stems by gluing strips of green paper onto a different green colored stem. We glued that just under the edge of the grass. Then the kids traced leaves on green and cut them out. These were glued to the stems. To save time I took the butterflies, flowers, and bugs home and cut around them. The following day, my kinders glued them down to complete their collage. Finally, we used black sharpies to add details like the butterfly's body, spots on the ladybug, and lines on the leaves. I typed and copied the mother's Day poem on magenta paper, cut around it, and glued them on to the project. The students signed their name and took their gift home to mom. I really liked the mosaic frames on Mrs. Picasso's project I just didn't have time to add this part. Well, there's always next time.

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