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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Science Lab Fun

Using our sense of touch-Alex, Nestor, and Jayden

Using our ears-Jose
It's kindergartens turn in science! Yea! Our first lesson in the lab we explored some of the tools that scientists use. It was fun discovering how to balance the scales. We learned that sometimes things can be big but not weigh much. Our second lesson we explored our five senses. Our favorite center was the taste table. Check out the faces we made while tasting lemon and bittersweet chocolate! Thursdays are becoming our favorite day! We wonder what we get to learn today!
Jayden tasting lemon
Aileen tasting lemon
Fabian smelling cinnamon

Naythan tasting lemon
Eduardo tasting unsweetened chocolate
Alex tasting unsweetened chocolate
Mikkie tasting unsweetened chocolate

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