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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Clay Bowls - Fun and Functional

Jose's finished bowl

I got brave with the help of my partner teacher. We tackled a clay project with our kindergarteners. We made bowls. My daughter did this project when she was in first grade. She took a clay class at The Chartreuse Muse. I sat in on her classes and they made it look easy. So I found some small, hard plastic bowls at The Dollar Tree and bought six. We lined them with plastic wrap leaving a generous amount hanging over the sides. Next we cut a slab of clay for each student. Working with six students at a time, my partner and I guided the children in pressing their clay into the bowl, cutting the excess clay from around the rim of the bowl, and smoothing the interior with a damp sponge. We used a thin stick to write the student's name on the inside. My partner and I gently lifted the clay bowls out of the plastic ones using the plastic wrap. We then carefully peeled the plastic wrap off the bowls and set them on the counter to dry for a week. My partner fired them. Finally the kids painted their bowls and they were fired again. They turned out beautifully - the highlight of the class' open house projects.

Our bowls painted and waiting for a second firing

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